CoAiro XP100

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CoAiro XP100 is a whole house ventilation dehumidifier which is integrated into cooling and heating system so as to provide comfort and health as well as protecting your property. It does this through three processes: dehumidification, air filtration as well as Fresh air ventilation.

To get the desired results, duct the dedicated return to HVAV supply and create a return for the CoAiro XP100 in the central area of your structure.

Your CoAiro XP100 should be ducted to HVAC’s air supply system via the backdraft damper.
You should then create a return for your CoAiro XP100 in one of the central areas of your building.
Next duct the CoAiro XP 100 to a tee damper so that a percentage of it is open to the basement.
Duct the remaining side of the tee to the HVAC system using a backdraft damper.

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Capacity: 100 pints per day(115V : 80˚F – 60%)
Size for: up to 2500 sq.ft
Drainage: gravity drainage
Supper COP: 2.80L/Kwh(energy star listed)
Low-temperature dehumidification
HVAC remote system
Bypass air sensor
Easy handling
Automatic humidistat control
Environmental R410A Refrigerant

CoAiro XP100 designed and built makes it one of the dehumidifiers with added sensible heat load. It is a highly effective split whole house dehumidifier, whose dehumidifying unit is installed indoors, while its condensation unit is installed outdoors.

This unit design allows most of the heat generated to be released outside by the condensing unit. You will spend less money on power as you won’t have to run your air conditioner more than is required. That fact the condensing unit outside makes this the CoAiro XP100 the most quite dehumidifiers in the market today, with no vibrations or noise in the house.

The CoAiro XP100 unit is able to supply your home with fresh dehumidified air, to improve the quality of your indoor air and achieve positive pressure in the house. The unit ventilation functions are independent of filtration and dehumidification, hence, allows owners to easily customize the dehumidifier depending on their needs.

Capacity – The CoAiro CD200 is able to collect 200 pints of water per day, with a continuous gravitational drainage system that will save you from the hustle of having to empty a collection tray several times a day.

Air filtration – Equipped with MERV 13 media filters, that cleanse the air off any musty odor, dust particle and any other impurities in the air. This helps improve the indoor air quality thus improving the level of comfort in the house. Protects your family from allergens that cause most respiratory problems.

Digital control – CoAiro XP100 is equipped with a DEH300R digital control remote temperature sensor, which allows you to remotely control and monitor the humidity levels and provide fresh air ventilation.

Low noise levels – while most dehumidifiers produce some form of sound while operational, the CoAiro XP100 noise levels are less than 59DBA(meaning no vibrations). This is impressive comparing to the high capacity and small size of this dehumidifier.

Buy a CoAiro XP100 dehumidifier today! Get rid of the moisture!

Specifications | Reviews

Power 115V/60Hz
Filter MERV 13
Size limit Not over 5,000 sq.ft
CFM(air flow) 520 CFM
Refrigerant R410A
Remote control Yes
Display type Digital
Weight 120Ibs(55KG)
Sound level <59DBA
Draining Gravity draining
Compressor type Rotary
Defrosting control system Wind defrosting
Dim(W*H*D) 31.50
Memory starting Re-loads pre-set settings after a restart
Wheel Adjustable wheel
Automatic humidistat control Yes
Easy handling Plug and play design – easy to operate
Humidity Range 35~95%
Temperature Range 33~105°F
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