SLGR microchannel technology has improved the performance and efficiency, The ALORAIR SLGR technology uses a special air-to-airheat exchanger system to help bring the air closer to dew point temperature before it passes over the super-cooled evaporator coils, besides with the combination of Microchannel Alu Condenser. Maximize Capacity and efficiency. The purpose of microchannel condenser is to improve energy efficiency. The use of microchannel condenser technology can improve the 50% dispersion effect of condenser, 30% heat exchange area and 50% refrigerant quantity. When the SLGR microchannel is combined, the efficiency of the dehumidifier can be increased by 30~50%. This leads to more condensation that forms on the coils inside the machine, and fastest for the interchange of heat. which in turn leads to more moisture pumped out and less moisture in the air that is returned to the room. This extra efficiency makes ALORAIR SLGR dehumidifier perfectly suited for low humidity conditions.

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